Paintball Kids

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From EUR 15

Paintball Kids is an activity suitable for children!

Now the younger ones can already experience the fantastic thrill of a completely safe Paintball game, suitable for children from 6 to 11 years old.

This is an activity inspired by Paintball, but with smaller, lightweight plastic markers, these are equipment created specifically for these ages: full protective masks, lighter and safer weapons, smaller paintballs, full suit and a more adapted and fun game dynamics.

They can perform a wide variety of combat simulation games: one against one, teams, point counting, territory defense, flag capture, etc.

Additional Information

Activity Start Location
Gerês Equidesafios - Rua São João 93 - 4840-030 Campo do Gerês

From EUR 15

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  • All necessary equipment
  • 50 balls per participant
  • Privat field
  • Monitoring by monitor


  1. de S. 93, Campo do Gerês, Travessa do João Vilar, Terras de Bouro