Castro Laboreiro

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Activities in Castro Laboreiro


Climbing and Rappel

Climbing and rappel are practiced on a wall of artificial wood with 9 meters in height. Excellent option, especially for the youngest. You make the ascent to the top of the platform practicing climbing, after being at the top of the platform you make the reverse way, descending in rappel. Initiation of Climbing and Rappel with moderate difficulty.

Waterfalls and mills Tour

We are in the National Park of Peneda-Gerês - a gift of Nature. A paradise, where each corner has a charm that fascinates us. The waterfalls are magical places where the water drops vaporize our soul with freshness. There are immense cascades, some of them with easy access. In our Tour we'll show you the most beautiful and unknown waterfalls in the region. Near the waterfalls, by the force of the water, mills were built leaving relics of the ancestors and a reason of visit. On hot days, by the waterfall, there is often a lagoon to take a dip, so you should come prepared.

Star Canyoning

If you're experiencing canyoning for the first time, this is your best option! This is a course where you can perform activities such as classic rappel, toboggans (natural slides) or water jumps. And the best of all is that you can delight yourself with the beautiful and hidden landscapes, as well as enjoy natural pools of refreshing crystal clear water. All the obstacles on this course are outlined which makes it ideal for inexperienced participants, including children.

Mega Canyoning

You'll have another perspective of the natural and paradisiacal environment that you will only reach by this route. A course for the ones who dare, with two big rappel descents. The first is a suspended abseil and the second is 20 meters that allows you to get around a rock and finish in a lagoon. A trip on the Varziela River, in the midst of paradisiacal lagoons and waterfalls with crystalline and pure water, with Castro Laboreiro Castle as background. Lasts approximately 4h30.

Deep Canyoning

Ideal for those who want strong emotions and like to take their physical stamina to the limit. With a duration of 6 hours, on average, we promise to make your day unforgettable. Let's go down 4 stunning waterfalls with heights between 8 and 12 meters, where you can rappel or jump to paradisiacal lagoons. These waterfalls can only be seen closely following this course. It's a hidden place where, only the predestined can reach.

Jeep Tour Castro Laboreiro

The jeep tour is held in Castro Laboreiro 's Plateau where you can observe horses and many other animals in the wild. You'll also visit some megalithic traces such as dolmens and rock engravings. The abundance of animals in the wild is a characteristic of this magnificent place also known as the territory of the Iberian Wolf.

Canoeing Lindoso

We'll provide a magnificent canoe trip, walking through five submerged villages and enjoying a magnificent landscape. Lindoso's dam is located in the middle of terraces and steep mountains that are part of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, providing an unique and refreshing day for water lovers. There is possibility to take a picnic and stop in the middle of an island to spend different and unique moments.