Climbing and Rappel

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Enter the game of body contact with Gerês’ massive granitic rocks and take your flexibility, focus, dexterity and agility to the limit. The natural environment is your ally on the ascent to the top.
Since this is a modality where obstacles must be surpassed, we put at your disposal the most modern equipment and specialized monitors to ensure safety at all times.

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Activity Start Location
Rua São João 93 - 4840-030 Campo do Gerês
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We advise the use of pants that allow freedom of movement and the use of boots or sneakers.
Maximum weight: 100 kg.
Minimum 10 people to do the activity.


  • All equipment included
  • Guided


  1. Equidesafios Rua de São João, 93, Campo do Gerês,Terras de Bouro